Learning Management Systems

BIOZONE eBooks provides integrations with several different Learning Management Systems through LTI including:


With these integrations schools/districts are able to access eBook content from their Learning Management System. Students are able to read the eBooks as well as answer embedded questions without needing to access the eBooks site.

Rostering & Single Sign-On

For larger schools and districts we recommend using one of our integrations to assist with the enrolment process of classes, teachers and students.

What is Single Sign-On(SSO)?

A Single Sign-On (SSO) integration allows users to access multiple sites using the same login. This makes organizing your enrolment simpler and lowers the amount of time spent in the classroom trying to login to education applications and sites like BIOZONE eBooks.

See below for our Rostering and SSO integrations:

table showing capabilities and requirements of OneRoster, ClassLink and Clever

*ask your IT team for information on your School Information System and whether it is OneRoster compliant

Rostering and SSO integrations may incur additional fees.
Make sure to contact our IT support team for more Rostering and SSO integrations


OneRoster logo

OneRoster is an integration that securely links your Student Information System(SIS) with our BIOZONE eBooks to enrol classes, teachers and students onto the site. Schools and Districts wanting to use OneRoster will need to have a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use this integration.


ClassLink logo

ClassLink uses the OneRoster framework in order to provide both rostering into the BIOZONE eBooks site as well as SSO services. Just like OneRoster, Schools and Districts wanting to use ClassLink will need to have a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use this integration.


Clever logo

Clever is a Single Sign-On service that also provides rostering. However, unlike ClassLink, you do not need a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use. All you need is a Clever account. Just request to sync with our BIOZONE eBooks, filter the users you wish to sync with our site and we will sort the rest!