We are transforming our highly engaging student books into online courses.

The added enhancements of 3D models, animations, videos, weblinks and simulations provide an exciting interactive experience for students.

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Earth & Space Sciences for NGSS

BIOZONE Academy transforms our highly engaging student books from print media into an online course.

Written for a generic course (not specifically for the NZ curriculum), it provides a rich collection of activities on this subject.

Structured around 155 thought provoking activities, students write their answers in response to questions that test their understanding.

With added enhancements of 3D models, animations, videos, weblinks and simulations, students get an exciting interactive experience.

Special Introductory Pricing

Online Course

$10.00 per student per course *

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Annual subscriptions are per student per academic year for each course.
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* A minimum of 20 licences per school

Technical Specifications

BIOZONE Academy is perfect for schools that have desktops, laptops or tablets for all their students, as well as a stable and reliable internet connection.

Teacher, Student, Admin
All covered…


  • Create and manage virtual classrooms
  • Easily assign homework to a class
  • Save time with speed-grading
  • Personalize your classroom
  • Gain insights into students’ performance


  • Add their own notes
  • Pop-up glossary definitions
  • Clearly identified key idea
  • Build deeper understanding with scaffolded content


  • Safe and secure online solution for your school
  • Access the platform from via any web browser
  • Easily bulk enroll students
  • Help your teaching staff achieve better results
  • Deliver differentiated learning

What BIOZONE Academy looks like

Primary Functionality

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    User-specific features for teacher, student and admin

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    Key Idea

    Each activity has a key idea summarizing its primary focus.

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    Intuitive Navigation

    Easy to find activities

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    Full color photos, annotated diagrams, animations, and 3D models

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    Question Time

    Students can answer questions directly within the activity. This forms their record of work.

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    Submit to Teacher

    Students submit answers upon completion


Supporting Functionality

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    Teacher's Links

    These can be web-based resources (e.g. YouTube) or links to files on the local school network (e.g. PDF files, spreadsheets)

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    My Notes

    Space for students to take notes.

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Fill out the form to get a 30-day free trial.

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