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NCEA Level 2 Biology EXTERNALS

1st Edition

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Suitability NCEA Level 2
ISBN 978-1-927309-51-3
Edition 2017 (1st Edition)
Format Paperback, A4, Two-Colour
Page Numbers 200

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Product Description

Chapter Titles

  • Life Processes at the Cellular Level
  • Enzymes, Energy, and DNA Replication
  • Genetic Variation and Change
  • Patterns in Communities
  • Gene Expression

BIOZONE is evolving its NCEA Level 2 series with exciting new materials not seen before. 

Key changes for this revision:

  • Split into two books: Separate Internals and Externals titles, both books can be purchased at a reduced rate when bought together; see bundle product listing

  • Chapter introductions: Completely revised, NCEA-focussed chapter introductions providing more targeted student guidance.

  • Revised content: Cutting-edge stories and case studies. 

  • Formatting changes: Improved readability and functionality, including more space for answers.
Please note the model answers are not included in the externals; however, can be purchased separately.

Look inside our new NCEA Level 2 Externals. Page structure includes the key idea, activity number, background information, direct questioning style, task codes to indicate the type of activity, a coding system where related content is identified through the tab system, Web link codes, NCEA-style questions and visual impact.

 Each chapter includes an introduction, activities, review section, NCEA style questions and literacy activities. Linkages are made between ideas and separate activities.

BIOZONE's NCEA series encourage both collaborative and independent learning, combining visually engaging material, clear accurate explanations, and opportunities for problem solving.  
Our NCEA Level 2 book can be used for collaborative learning